History of SML Aviation

SML Aviation has a long and diverse lineage, dating back to the early days in aviation with over 40 years of experience. 

Employed at SML Aviation are highly trained flight instructors. These instructors pride themselves on being professional and committed to providing the best training available in general aviation. Our training center provides training for private pilot ratings through commercial and advanced pilot ratings, all done through structured academics. It's unique location provides a level of training that most airports cannot give. All our aircraft are maintained to an exceptional standard and our unparalleled maintenance program assures a clean, safe, and reliable aircraft for our students.

Providing Excellence In The Art Of Flight is more than just a slogan, it's our way of doing business with each and every student.

Meet the Owner

Captain Jason Grieff purchased SML Aviation on November 1, 2017. His flying career began in June of 1976 at the National Aviation Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida. On his second solo takeoff in a Grumman American AA1B, with only 12.8 hours logged, the #2 piston separated from the wrist pin and promptly went through the cowling. With the calm voice of the Tower's controller for guidance and his instructors voice in the background he made a successful landing. Since then he has logged over 38,000 hours and holds an ATP Airplane Single and Multiengine Land & Sea and is also a CFII and MEI. He also has Complex, High Performance, Tailwheel, and High Altitude along as being an ICON Certified Flight Instructor.


Jason  recently retired as a Senior Check Airman for Southwest Airlines and held a FAA APD (Aircrew Program Designation). In October of 1998, he started Seaplanes R Fun inc. in Florida. In 2000 he moved it to Vermont adding the SML Aviation location in 2017.


Jason loves flying and working with people. When asked about SML Aviation and Seaplanes R Fun inc. he said "The folks that work with us are as honest as the day is long, competent and share a fun loving attitude." 

Meet the Team

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Keeping things simple in a complex world is half the battle. We are all about simple.


Our office is located in the FBO at 

Smith Mountain Lake Airport (W91)  

1090 Cutlass Road, Moneta, VA 

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