- Pilot Getaway Deals

All-Inclusive Pilot Getaway Deals




($500 deposit)


     - 3 nights at Bedford Landings located on the airport. Book directly with  

     - Dual Flight Instruction to prepare you for           the checkride. 
     - 3 hours of Ground

     - Examiner Fee

     - No tie down fee if you fly into W91

Interested in getting your seaplane rating? Want to go on a small vacation? With our all-inclusive getaway deals, you can do both. Come to SML Aviation and you will receive great training at an reasonable price. Come stay with us at our beautiful Smith Mountain Lake location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Treat yourself with a new rating. Fly to W91 in your own airplane and we will cover the tie down fees. Call today to schedule your getaway!

Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast

* The 3 nights at Bedford Landings will not be included if training takes place over a holiday. If weather pushes training back, SML will only cover the three nights. 

                   Or SML Airport Apartment

                                             Two bedroom two bath furnished 
                                                 One minute walk to the FBO
                                        Call Moe at 540-297-4859 to book your stay