- Flight Training
Flight Training Courses
Here at SML Aviation, we offer:

  • Private Pilot

  • Instrument Rating   

  • Commercial Pilot

  • Seaplane Rating

  • High Horsepower Endorsement

  • Complex Endorsement

  • Tail wheel endorsement

  • Flight Review

Is flight training something you have often considered?

When you make the decision to take flying lessons, your life will change forever.Why? Because learning to fly will expose you to experiences that are stimulating to the mind, body and soul.  When people accomplish things in life that are really learning to fly – other parts of life get even better! 
Why? Learning to fly requires a quest and journey for knowledge, in a variety of forms and sciences: aerodynamics, weather, navigation, airspace and many others. With this knowledge comes a natural increase in self esteem, energy and desire for life! We simply feel better about ourselves when we are educated and in control of our lives. The challenge that many  of us have is finding something that motivates, inspires and sparks our imagination enough to continue the “journey” to completion.  Learning to fly or planning a career as a pilot is exciting enough and quick enough to do just that. 

People learn to fly for many reasons. Some fly for fun, the pure joy and beauty of flight. Some realize the utility of GA airplanes and fly with family and friends to destinations that are not easily accessible to for a one-day trip, the mountains, lake or beach.  Others will learn to fly for business. Time is valuable and often it takes less time flying privately than dealing with commercial airline travel.  Still others learn to fly because they are looking for an exciting career.


Whatever your reason, learning to fly at SML Aviation is within almost everyones capabilities and is more affordable then you might think, the rewards last a lifetime!