The SML Aviation Fleet

1965 Cessna 172G — N6004R
Useful load - 932.74 pounds
Rental Rate - $145 per hour

1965 Cessna 172G — N3641L
Useful load - 861 pounds
Rental Rate - $145 per hour

1979 Cessna 172XP — N758KQ 
Wipaire 2350 amphibious floats
Rental Rate - $265 per hour (no solo)

Bulk Rate Deals

Prepay for 10 hours and you will receive a lower hourly rate. After the 10th hour, you will be given the choice of either one hour free in the same aircraft or a 20-30 minute ride in our seaplane. Does not cover instructor fee.  

Note: You may receive a refund on a bulk rate deal after the hours flown have been adjusted to the standard rate. If there is not enough left in your account to complete this, you are not eligible for a refund

Cessna 172: $1,300 (10 hours at 130 dollars per hour plus one hour free or 30-minute seaplane ride)