About SML Aviation
Company Profile
SML Aviation has a long and diverse lineage in aviation.  A history who's roots reach back to the early days of aviation, the airlines and beyond. 

SML Aviation employs a team of professional flight instructors who are highly trained, experienced, and committed to providing the best training available in general aviation.
N758KQ Our C172XP AmphibOur training center provides training from private pilot through commercial and advanced pilot ratings. We provide pilots the opportunity to learn within a structured academic environment and receive a quality aviation education. 
SML Aviation's unique location allows us to provide a level of training that simply is not available at most airports. All of our aircraft are maintained to an exceptional standard, and our unparalleled maintenance program assures a clean, safe and reliable aircraft for our students.
With over 40 years of aviation experience and know-how, coupled with talented and professional instructors, a knowledgeable and friendly staff allow us to offer you the very best flight training experience available.
Providing Excellence In The Art Of Flight Training is more than just a slogan, it's our way of doing business with each and every student.